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About Our Amish Country Bed and Breakfast

Our Story

How we came to be here at the Beautiful Garden Gate.....It all started a long time ago when I first learned what a Bed and Breakfast was.  I knew that my heart would not be happy until I had my own B&B.  Doug and I were married 6.5 short years ago, where we owned our home sitting on 3.5 acres in SW Pa.  The plan was to have me retire first....well Doug is 7 years younger!!!  We would build a barn like structure in our field, however, God had other plans, as our ground would not pass the "perk" test.  We started looking at several B&Bs, cabins and cottages in Pa, VA and Ohio knowing that God would provide us with a very, very special place and he did as promised.  There were issues with everything we looked at, from no ground to back taxes or sewage issues.  The summer of 2015, the previous owners of the Garden Gate, the Steffys, had marketed their B&B in the traditional way several times, but did not end up with a buyer. In the summer of 2015 they put it on the market via an essay contest, something that was very unique.  I felt I had the best essay coming and going, however, we did receive a letter that their goal of receiving so many essays was not reached and they were putting back on the market at a reduced price.  Needless to say, God provided us with this wonderful place in such a short amount of time and everyday, we Thank God, for all our Blessings. We want our Blessing to be your Blessing also!!! 

Carol & Doug

History Behind our B&B

The Steiners were a family with a vision.  Mrs Steiner wanted a larger home for her growing family, but finances being what they were, she had to brain storm to come up with ideas that would enable Mr.S to make her dreams come true.  She found a small local school that would be torn down unless purchased.  She ended up buying that school for a mere $1.00 and was going to have it moved and adjoined to her already existing home.  That would have been a great way to add extra space, however, the roads coming to their home would not cooperate and the school ended up being dismantled and brought in several pieces.  The b-boards are now ceilings, the beams and chalkboard are in the owners breezeway, the wood from the school are now the wood floors throughout the owners quarters.  Everyone can still enjoy the bell that sits high above the house in the original bell tower!!!   After doing all the additions, the Steiners ended up with their 4 guest room B&B.  As time goes by and their children are growing, the Steiners decide it is time to move on and sell to the Steffys.
The Steffys came from the Corporate world and were happy to be in the country, running their own business.  They made several changes including changing the garage into the beautiful Garden Gate Suite with a corner Jacuzzi tub.  Making a beautiful suite out of a guest and common room, remodeling the Magnolia and Gathering rooms, but their greatest accomplishment was adding the two beautiful cottages complete with 2 person roman style Jacuzzi tubs.  As with most B&B owners, they knew that it was time to pass the torch and move on to their new dreams in Florida.

That's where we come in.  So far, our contributions to the B&B have been to add the beautiful enclosed Gazebo which sits in the Gardens that we are working on to bring back to their original beauty.  In 2017 we added the pondless waterfall that is so very relaxing as you sit back and listening to the sound of the water trickle down the rocky stream.  We are having the front of the cottages stoned so that the outside will match the beauty of the inside.  Our future plans include revamping the firepit area, redoing the drive and updating the signs.  We know this is not our forever home but we want to make changes that will forever benefit the next person lucky enough to be here.