Gas Card Special

Doug and I talked it over and due to the economy, we have decided not to raise the price of the rooms and cottages.  They will stay the same as last summers rates but we are giving a $25 gas card when you Stay two consecutive nights or more from
April 1 - Oct 31and get a $25 Marathon gas card.  We are hoping this will help ease your pain at the pumps❣️  There are Marathons just around the corner❣️  As always, God Bless you and your family.


Carol's Corner


You may see some snowflakes, but that does not stop us in Amish Country Ohio from enjoying all that the beautiful area has to offer!!!  Our roads are kept very well thanx to the local townships, villages and of course ODOT.  Remember the Amish are in buggies being...


Well, it's finally here. This new web site that I can actually work on. For someone like me 50+ (lets be's 60+) this computer stuff drives me crazy. But enough of that, lets talk. Here is some background info on Doug, I and our family.